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By using our services or purchasing from us, you agree to our terms in shipping, returns, refunds, as well as our requirement that you be a law-abiding U.S. citizen that is not prohibited from owning or possessing firearms.

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For Courses:
If you sign up for a course, you take an available spot from that course. This means that if you decide you don't want to show up, someone may miss a chance to fill that spot, and we lose. Please do not sign up unless you fully intend to show up for class.

If you must cancel a course that you have signed up for, if you cancel your reservation prior to 14 days before the class date you will receive full credit toward another course date. Any cancellation you request will ONLY be given full credit toward another course reservation.

We pride ourselves on how rarely we cancel a class ourselves. In the event that we do cancel a class, you will be given a FULL CREDIT for the amount of the course to apply to another date or another course of the same value for which you meet the requirements to attend.

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  • Why we are different

    Before you decide on where to learn about safely and effectively using firearms to defend your life with,
    please read what we have to say:

    Ohio concealed carry classes, advanced combat handgun courses

    One Life Defense, LLC is a fully insured defensive training company located in Trumbull County, Northeast Ohio, complete with a private, live-fire training range and an affordable shooters program.



    It's hard to explain. When I say the words "Defensive Firearms Training" or "Concealed Carry Training". I am confident that most people develop an idea or picture in their mind that is based upon some experience they have had. It could be their CCW class that they took at the gun club, or from a retired officer. It could be the hunter safety course they took growing up. I'm not sure, exactly, what it is they picture. One thing I am sure of is that there is a definite difference between what they picture, and what we do.


    This is not your gun club's watered-down firearms class. Nor is it some high-speed "tactical" fantasy camp. This is realistic self-defense instruction for average people, with firearms, headed by someone who was raised in the world of criminal violence (25 years, to be exact), faced the court system for lethal force, later went on to formally train in multiple disciplines of hand-to-hand and gunfighting from some of the greatest fighters out there, and eventually working in the industry full-time. No egos and no war stories (they are distractions to the material being taught). Our assistant instructors have all accumulated hundreds of hours of training from us as well as other reputable schools and instructors. Our training is a methodical, highly-developed system of training based on many years of experience and mindset work in ugly real life.

    With us, you define your mission first. Police, military and civilians have VERY different missions, which require different training methods. As civilians, that mission is usually as simple as "to make it home safely with my family, every night, for the rest of my life." The mission determines our rules of engagement (laws), and our likely threats we would face. From those guidelines, our Training Protocol is built to correctly prepare for OUR mission.

    Once the training protocol is put together properly, we begin first building basic skills. With well-developed skills, we can begin to take those skills and build them into techniques. When we have well-practiced techniques, we can combine our skills and techniques into procedures to deal with specific problems in a fight. These skills, techniques, and procedures must be learned and practiced both systematically and progressively. This progress must be checked and the skills vetted through testing and standards. From beginner levels all the way through advanced and experienced, the testing of accuracy, performance, decision making and stress management is essential to building confidence and being able to win in a fight.


    We never put "tactical" in the front of the course name because that is simply an industry trend to be marketable, despite totally putting the cart ten steps ahead of the horse. (It takes consistent work on the fundamental skills, techniques and procedures to even reach the point of being ready to learn "tactics".)


    Overall, however, it is the fighting mindset that wins the fight. Skills, techniques and procedures are no good if you do not have the self-control to push through and make proper decisions under stress. Shooting is fun, but it is not the focus of fighting. Understanding the violent criminal and how to operate under extreme threat are vital to be able to perform what you learn and practice on the range. The gun and shooting are about 10%-20% of the demands you face in a fight. The rest is self-control and decision making, which we talk very heavily about in all of our courses.


    There is a definite difference between what you get with us, and what the industry offers on average. Until you've been here, make no assumptions. Often, you just do not know what you do not know.


    Our private training range is located in Southington, Ohio. We do not publish the address because it is private and only used for our courses; upon registering for a course you will get directions on where to meet.

  • What We Do

    We provide professional level training to keep you, and your family, SAFE.

    Defensive Gunfighting Pistol

    The Primary Weapon of Civilians and LEOs is the Handgun

    The bulk of our training offerings are centered around the safe and effective use of the handgun in fighting situations. Our courses specialize in concealed carry and home defense preparedness. Whether you are a brand new beginner, or you have trained formally, we guarantee that you will walk away from any of our courses with increased knowledge and abilities. From Ohio concealed carry to realistic handgun gunfighting instruction.

    Defensive Gunfighting Rifle

    The Importance of Proper Rifle Training

    The semi-auto rifle is quickly becoming a popular weapon in U.S. households. Knowing how to shoot one is fairly easy. However, fighting with one is quite a bit different and requires knowledge and training; from setting up a proper battle zero, to maneuvering and operating the rifle under stress, our courses will open up a new world of personal capabilities for you.

    Mindset (Violence of Mind)

    The Most Important Component of Fight Preparation

    Fighting Mindset is the most popular part of our teaching. I come from the school of Been There, Done That. When I say that I "stay in my lane" I am referring the lane of extreme civilian violence. When we advertise "mindset" as part of our courses, we mean it. It is emphasized. I know from direct, repeated experience with high-stress situations specifically with criminal level violence, that fighting skill/weapons make up about 10% of a fight, the other 90% that determines your success or failure is mindset. Visit our mindset resource page, Violence of Mind for videos, articles and more.

    Force on Force

    The Real Test

    Force on Force training with GBB airsoft, in mock civilian scenarios in a controlled environment. Here, you find out how you really perform when staring down the barrel of something that will sting you. In our fight training system, the training protocol must include standards and ways to test your skills to a level of confidence and trust. There are three types of CCW citizens out there:

    • A hypothesis is an unsubstantiated suggestion of an outcome, "I don't practice or train, nor have I been in a gunfight, but I know I'm ready for a gunfight"
    • A theory is a substantiated suggestion of outcome, based on some exhaustive form of testing "I have practiced, over and over, the skills, stress and time-limits and have performed them well. I trust that I can do it when I need to."
    • A fact is KNOWING something from experience. "I was attacked, my training kicked in and I performed what I needed to do."

    Don't live off of a hypothesis. Develop your confidence at least to a thoroughly tested level of confidence. This is where your training and skills are actually tested!

    Who Should Train With Us?

    Anyone willing to learn or get your practice in

    There are a lot of reasons that keep people from training: fear, intimidation, ego, misconceptions about the level of training they will get...

    I will say this, within the hundreds upon hundreds of students we have had, you can find brand new gun owners, experienced lifelong shooters, women, men, young, elderly, active duty law enforcement, ex-military and combat veterans. Just about every walk of life and shooting experience makes up our Alumni. Every one of them appreciate our training, giving us the most active Alumni who return to us for training repeatedly.

    Don't be intimidated, we will take care of you step-by-step.

    Conversely, don't think we can't teach you anything. Violence is a tremendous subject. No one knows the entire animal; those experienced in the fight have all only seen a piece of it. Respect every fighter's perspective. Learn something. Get your practice in. There's more to fighting than training to shoot fast. We guarantee that you will not get bored, nor will you perform perfectly at 100% on our range.

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